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Applications of Paleolimnology

Leading scientists and researchers reviewed sediment core studies conducted in sockeye salmon nursery lakes in BC and Alaska.

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B.C. Liberals show a paler shade of green

Idea that Liberal victory was due to climate policy is just plain silly By Chris Genovali, Special to the Times Colonist, May 22, 2009 Counterpunch, May 23 Reflecting on the noise of the just concluded provincial election, an amusing turn of phrase that appeared on the American political blog comes to mind: “Yea, Though […]

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GROWLS event packs Phoenix Auditorium

By Janina Stajic Gabriola Sounder March 24 2009 On Thursday, March 19th Gabriolan’s packed the Haven’s Phoenix auditorium to hear Dr. Chris Darimont of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, speak about B.C’s Great Bear Rainforest.

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Campbell’s contradictions on fossil fuel development

FOCUS Magazine January 2009 by Chris Genovali In Katherine Gordon’s “The Inconvenient Truth About Her Axe and His Tax,” Premier Gordon Campbell’s facile explanation regarding the stark disconnect between his implementation of the carbon tax and his continued support for intensive fossil fuel development escapes indepth scrutiny.

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Overfishing pushing salmon stocks near collapse, study warns

MARK HUME Globe and Mail December 3, 2008 VANCOUVER – Salmon stocks in British Columbia are on the brink of collapse largely because the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans has consistently allowed too many fish to be killed in commercial and recreational fisheries, according to a new research paper.

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Campbell caught in carbon-tax contradiction

Premier claims to embrace California’s green shift — but only when it suits him by Chris Genovali, The Edmonton Journal, Published: July 20, 2008 Victoria Times Colonist, Published: Sunday, July 13, 2008 The B.C. carbon tax has become a political lightning rod, diverting attention from the issue at hand — combating climate change. The fact […]

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The Potlatch Journey

By Misty MacDuffee, Biologist, Wild Salmon Program Rivers Inlet, April 2008 The pilings and ruins of old canneries dot the shoreline as I make my way to the head of Rivers Inlet. Like glimpses to the past, they stand as testament to the famed abundance of sockeye salmon that I only know through stories and […]

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Environmentalists decry hunting's record toll on B.C. grizzlies

MARK HUME From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail April 15, 2008 at 3:57 AM EDT VANCOUVER — A record number of grizzly bears were killed in British Columbia last year, according to new figures released yesterday by environmental organizations. “It’s kind of shocking … very disturbing,” Chris Genovali of the Raincoast Conservation Society said of provincial […]

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Rally sounded a warning. Is anybody listening?

Island’s old-growth forests continue to disappear while governments do little Chris Genovali, Special to Times Colonist, Page A11 Published: Thursday, April 03, 2008 It was heartening to see the strong show of support for Vancouver Island’s dwindling old growth forests (“Logging protesters circle legislature,” Times Colonist March 29) at the rally over the weekend.

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