Toward a Vision for Salmon Habitat in the Lower Fraser River

A bold vision for restoring salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser River.

Since 2016, we have worked with First Nations, community groups, conservation organizations and dozens of individuals to identify the root causes of salmon habitat loss and to record ideas to address habitat restoration and protection.

Our 2020 report, Toward a Vision for Salmon Habitat in the Lower Fraser River sets bold recommendations to address the loss of salmon habitat that has been identified as a key factor in the crisis many recognize for Fraser River salmon.

Much of the loss of habitat occurred at a time when Indigenous Nations were actively excluded from traditional stewardship and their rights to salmon. Despite past efforts to stem habitat loss, including coordinating bodies like the defunct Fraser River Estuary Management Plan, the loss of habitat has never stopped.

From community input and our findings, we recommend the following actions to move toward a shared vision for salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser River:

  1. Collaborative efforts on habitat conservation and restoration.
  2. Implementation of fish-first policies.
  3. A legislated Fraser watershed plan.
  4. Sustainable funding.
  5. Rebuilding of monitoring and research capacity.
  6. Investment in wild salmon education and youth engagement.

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