Beautiful photographic prints from our favorite photographers for sale

Prints available for purchase - with proceeds going towards protection of coastal carnivores.

Rain wolf, by Christina Mittermeier, on a white wall with a lovely yellow chair.

Rain Wolf, by Christina Mittermeier, aluminum 30” x 45”.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we are selling prints for $98. We are very grateful for photographers who are able to capture exceptional images who donated a limited number of prints. These images not only capture the beauty of the wildlife they also directly support our efforts to Safeguard Coastal Carnivores in the Kitlope

Please note these photographic prints are sized 12” by 18” and are for purchase here. Once you receive your print, you can frame them at the size that works and we would love to see photos of it hanging in your space! Some full size images are also still available. 

Be sure to tag us when you post a photo of your new art on your walls.