Success! We now have the downpayment for the Kitlope tenure

With your support, and working with Coastal First Nations, we have already acquired the commercial trophy hunting rights in an area bigger than Vancouver Island. Now we want to make the Kitlope our next success.

A grizzly bear wanders along a grassy bank in the Kitlope: a graphic identifying that the downpayment is achieved floats on top with a map of the coast.

Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast.

Today we reached our fundraising goal of $100,000, securing our deposit on the Kitlope tenure, with a day to spare. Thank you for helping us get there.

We actually exceeded our goal by over $15,000, every cent of which now goes straight toward the remaining purchase price. Now we need to maintain this momentum as we roll straight into raising the remaining $535,000, which we hope to achieve before the end of this year.

It’s a big goal and we’re buoyed by the support you have given us.

At this point it’s worth pausing to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished. With your support, and working with Coastal First Nations, thus far we have acquired the commercial trophy hunting rights in approximately 33,500 square kilometers. For perspective, that’s an area bigger than Vancouver Island. Purchasing the 5,300 square kilometre Kitlope tenure brings us a big step closer to reaching our goal – ending trophy hunting throughout the entire Great Bear Rainforest.

As you’ve heard from Brian Falconer, and seen recently in stunning photography and videography from Alex Harris, the Kitlope stands as a place of significant cultural importance, spectacular beauty and an intact remnant of coastal temperate rainforest that still retains a full suite of coastal carnivores.

We are now well on our way to adding a next level of protection for the coastal carnivores that make this place their home. If we can raise an additional $135,000 by the end of September we’ll be in good shape to meet our overall goal before the year is out.

With our thanks for getting us this far.

Ross Dixon

Ross Dixon, Communications & Development Director

You can find Ross at his desk, or hiking in the mountains and rivers of coastal British Columbia. He’s here for the coast.

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