New regulations take effect in BC to stop trophy hunt of grizzly bears: interview roundup

Listen to Chris Genovali on CBC On The Island, CFAX 1070 and the Grizzly Times Podcast discuss the new provincial regulations prohibiting the trophy hunt of grizzly bears.

This is the first April 1st since 2001 that the trophy hunting of grizzly bears will not take place. It’s important for us to celebrate and recognize, as well as reflect on how we arrived at, this watershed moment. Important issues also accompany the new regulations.

Listen to Gregor Craigie, Al Ferraby and Louisa Wilcox, interview Chris Genovali, executive director of Raincoast Conservation Foundation, about the new provincial regulations prohibiting the trophy hunt of grizzly bears, and some of the additional challenges they pose.

“We’re hoping that the grizzly bear hunt ban will signal the start of a new era in how the BC government, and British Columbians, interact with and relate to all large carnivores.” – Chris Genovali, Raincoast  Tweet This!

On the Island with Gregor Craigie

“The NDP government amended the Wildlife Act regulations, starting over the weekend, to help enforce the ban on grizzly bear hunting.”

Listen at CBC On the Island with Gregor Craigie

CFAX April 2nd, with Al Ferraby

Grizzly Times Podcast

Listen at Grizzly Times

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