Activists outraged by portrayal of wolves in The Grey

Curtis Sindrey,  The Sheridan Sun

Wolf activists are outraged against the inaccurate portrayal of grey wolves in the new action-thriller The Grey, starring Liam Neeson.  The film, which follows an Alaskan oil team, depicts a pack of grey wolves as overly aggressive, bloodthirsty and territorial towards humans, which is in direct contrast to the real-life behavior of wild grey wolves.

According to Casey Black, founder of the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden, B.C., wolves simply aren’t aggressive animals and despite what years of research have discovered, movie studios continually depict wolves as evil, aggressive and violent toward humans……..

According to Paul Paquet, an adjunct professor of biology and an associate professor of environmental design at the University of Calgary and a senior scientist at the Raincoast Conservation Foundation in Sidney, B.C., the current battle between the Alberta tar sands and environmental conservation concludes with money trumping the environment every time.

“The Alberta wolf population is in direct conflict with industrial development, where the perceived monetary value of the tar sands outweighs the protection of the environment,” said Paquet.

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