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Published Scientific Literature

Our 2012 paper (above) uses grizzlies to assess harvest impacts of sockeye fisheries. It’s an example of how to consider ecosystem objectives in salmon management.

Raincoast is a team of scientists and conservationists that undertakes primary research to inform our conservation objectives.  We work with First Nations, academic institutions, government scientists and other NGOs to gather information and build support for decisions that protect marine and terrestrial ecosystems, their components and processes.

Raincoast’s in-house scientists, collaborating graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professors make us unique among NGOs.  We conduct applied, process-oriented, and hypothesis-driven research that has immediate and relevant utility for the conservation debate and the collective body of scientific knowledge.

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Wild Salmon

Underwater close up of a salmon head


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Coastal Wolves

A wolf with cubs


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Animal Welfare

A close up of the face of a spirit bear lying on the ground


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Grizzly Bears

A grizzly bear lies sleeping in a grassy meadow


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Marine Mammals

Close up of two killer whales at the surface of the water


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