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As part of our inform mandate Raincoast publishes popular and technical material in books and reports.

Recent material is listed in the posts below but search the following categories for a more complete list.




Marine mammals and birds

All Reports including cougars, habitat, landuse, climate change, wildlife management and animal welfare

Grizzly with chum- nathan deBruyn

Bear and salmon research in Heiltsuk Territory

Check out the work to date on our Salmon Carnivore project in Heiltsuk Territory on BC’s coast…

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Embroiled: Salmon, tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal

New Report by Raincoast says Northern Gateway not worth the risk to BC’s wild salmon…

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Raincoast’s review of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway ESA

Raincoast’s review of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Environmental Impact Statement is available in report format…

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BC Drum seiner- scaled

Is BC’s chum fishery sustainable?

Raincoast and three other BC ENGO’s have critiqued the proposal by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to certify BC’s chum salmon fishery as sustainable…

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The Will of the Land by Peter Dettling

The Will of the Land

Peter Dettling’s new book “The Will of the Land” takes an important look at wolves and grizzlies in the region of Banff National Park. Peter is a remarkable photographer and advocate for wildlife. The foreward is written by Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet…

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BC cougar Klaus Pommerenke

Cougars: BC’s neglected carnivores

In anticipation of a provincial management plan for cougars, Raincoast released the report on our neglected carnivore:

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Investigate. Inform. Inspire. Overviews and links to scientific papers, technical and popular reports and Tracking Raincoast, our annual newsletter.

Scientific Papers

PLoS Biology Cover April 2012

As part of our Investigate mandate, Raincoast conducts primary research to inform our conservation objectives. We publish in top scientific journals.

Reports and books

title page of What's At Stake

As part of our inform mandate Raincoast publishes popular and technical material in books and reports.

Tracking Raincoast

Cover Tracking Raincoast 2011

Tracking Raincoast is our annual report. Get highlights from the year, our science, flagship projects and campaigns, as well as a peak at what’s in store for the coming year.

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