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A humpback jumps into the air in the Pacific ocean.

Marine Surveys

In 2004 Raincoast began 5 years of grueling and expensive boat-based, systematic surveys of BC’s coastal waters to determine the abundance and distribution of marine birds and mammals.  This work has been a critical part of our efforts to achieve long-term protection for maritime animals and their habitats.  Over 14,000 km of ocean trackline were surveyed between 2004 and 2008, primarily in the waters between Dixon Entrance (Alasks -BC Border) and Johnstone Strait, as well as the inside inlets.   The technical findings and modelling from this work can found in the report Predictive Marine Mammal Modeling for Queen Charlotte Basin, British Columbia (PDF).

Marine mammal sightings maps


Dolphins and porpoises

Pinnipeds and sea otters

The findings from our marine surveys are also incorporated into the popular report What’s at Stake: The cost of oil on BC’s priceless coast.

What’s at Stake Report (PDF)












What’s at Stake  conveys the ecological implications of oil tankers and oil spills to wildlife on the BC coast.  The report stems from the five years of at-sea surveys but places BC’s unique coastline in a broader ecological context.