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G Mazille Gulls with herring-web

Maps and analysis methods for marine bird surveys


Sightings and scientific methods behind Raincoast's seabird data analysis

Sightings and scientific methods behind Raincoast’s seabird data analysis. Accurate predictions of pelagic seabird populations

In 2005, Raincoast began 4 years of boat-based, systematic surveys of BC’s coastal waters to determine the at-sea abundance and distribution of marine birds. This work is part of our efforts to achieve long-term protection for maritime animals and their habitats.

Over 10,000 km of ocean trackline were surveyed between 2005 and 2008 collecting roughly 18,000 ‘sightings’ (totalling over 100,000 individual birds) in more than 70 species. Surveys occurred primarily in the waters between Dixon Entrance (the Alaska-BC border) and Johnstone Strait, as well as into inlets of BC’s central and north coasts.

The poster (right) summarizes the methods to analyze this data. The maps in the report below show sightings where marine birds were seen.



Bird surveys cover

Download the report with the raw sightings information. 

Raincoast Seabird Maps