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Simulation to show impact of potential oil spill in Burrard Inlet


Peter Meiszner / Global News
The City of Vancouver is teaming up with two environmental groups to conduct an oil spill simulation Tuesday on the Fraser River and in Burrard Inlet…

Adopt a drift card to help protect our coast

Raincoast Card Drop

Our drift card study is a perfect example of research that creatively meshes science with public awareness…

Media Release: Public participation required for oil spill simulation

Drift cards floating on water

Raincoast and the Georgia Strait Alliance are teaming up with the City of Vancouver today to conduct an oil spill simulation on the Fraser River and in Burrard Inlet…

Indigenous knowledge & science unite to reveal distributional shift in wildlife …

Grizz mom & cub-AW

Study by Raincoast and partners discusses the movement of grizzlies from BC’s mainland onto coastal islands in the journal PLOS ONE…

Study confirms grizzlies living on unprotected coastal islands

Grizz mom & cub-AW

Cara McKenna / The Tyee
Local guide’s knowledge, now backed by research from Raincoast and partners, raises major conservation concerns for bears on BC’s coast…

It makes more economic sense to shoot grizzlies with cameras than guns

Lightzone used on foreground and bears - tonemapper at 100 pixels

Chris Genovali / Huffington Post
Contrary to Minister Yamamoto’s assertions, there is no ecological, ethical, or economic justification for continuing to trophy kill B.C.’s grizzly bears…


Wolves on BC islands genetically different from their mainland cousins

Unique coastal wolves

June 2014: Scientists reveal differences long known by First Nations, between coastal and mainland wolves

Read about this study

Let them spawn! High numbers of spawning pink & chum salmon bring benefits to other species

benefits from spawning salmon

June 2014: Scientists find that letting more pink and chum salmon spawn means more coho from coastal streams

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Grizzly hunt exceeds sustainable limit

Too many grizzlies killed in hunt

Dec 2013: Raincoast scientists say BC government is killing too many grizzlies

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Bears, salmon and people: Three seasons of research in Heiltsuk Territory

Too many grizzlies killed in hunt

Dec 2013: The Salmon Carnivore project examines the heath of bears and its relationship with salmon abundance

Read about this study

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