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A grizzly bear mother stands looking into the forest with her two cubs nearby
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Grizzly visions, dreams and celebrations on Canada Day


Raincoast’s Ross Dixon writes about Canada’s grizzly heritage from the Khutzeymateen Valley on BC’s coast…

Kinder Morgan: Putting the Salish Sea at Risk

BlueDream-aerial-EvanLesson low

Chris Genovali / Seaside Magazine
Weaving through an archipelago, the mixing of large freshwater rivers with marine waters has created an ocean rich with life…

Bear work in Heiltsuk Territory – Guest blog by Ayla Brown


“So what are you doing anyways?” People have been asking me this a lot recently. Answer: Setting up hair snares in the Great Bear Rainforest…

Fishing plan decreases protection for BC’s endangered salmon

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Conservation groups are concerned federal fishing plan impacts endangered salmon runs when sustainable fishing alternatives are available…

Supertankers to the coast: Canada approves building controversial pipeline

Enbridge Northern Gateway is proposing a pipeline and oil tankers through BC

Joel Connelly / Seattle PI
The Canadian government gave green light to construction of a pipeline that would carry 525,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta’s tar sands…

Wolves on BC island genetically different from those on mainland

Rainwolves of Canada's Great bear Rainforest

Dirk Meissner / The Canadian Press
Wolf researchers from Raincoast and UVic find that island wolves have diet that consists of marine foods, up to 75 per cent…


Salmon & bears in Heiltsuk Territory

Salmon, bears and people=

2013 Project Update: Understanding interactions between bears, salmon and people

Download this report

Northern Gateway not worth the risk

Northern Gateway not worth risk=

Dec 2013: Northern Gateway not worth risk to wild salmon says new report by Raincoast

Download this report

Grizzly hunt exceeds sustainable limit

Too many grizzlies killed in hunt

Dec 2013: Raincoast scientists say BC government killing too many grizzlies

Read about this study

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