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A grizzly bear mother stands looking into the forest with her two cubs nearby
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Wolves on BC island genetically different from those on mainland

Rainwolves of Canada's Great bear Rainforest

Dirk Meissner / The Canadian Press
Wolf researchers from Raincoast and UVic find that island wolves have diet that consists of marine foods, up to 75 per cent…

Time-delayed subsidies: Interspecies population effects in salmon


New study from SFU and Raincoast shows the benefits from higher numbers of spawning pink and chum salmon on coho…

Study shows juvenile coho salmon benefit from dining on the distant remains of their cousins


Let them spawn! New study by SFU and Raincoast finds high coho numbers follow strong chum and pink salmon returns…

Coastal wolves a whole different animal, study finds


Sarah Petrescu / Times Colonist
A study by Victoria-based researchers affirms genetic, ecological and behavioural differences between coastal and mainland wolves living in close proximity to each other…

Spawning pink and chum salmon provide benefits to coho

Mark's Pink salmon (c)

Research from SFU and Raincoast scientists shows juvenile coho salmon benefit from dining on the carcasses of spawning pink and chum salmon.

300 scientists call on feds to reject Northern Gateway


Two Raincoast scientists were among 300 Canadian university scientists that are calling on the federal government to reject the Northern Gateway proposal…


Salmon & bears in Heiltsuk Territory

Salmon, bears and people=

2013 Project Update: Understanding interactions between bears, salmon and people

Download this report

Northern Gateway not worth the risk

Northern Gateway not worth risk=

Dec 2013: Northern Gateway not worth risk to wild salmon says new report by Raincoast

Download this report

Grizzly hunt exceeds sustainable limit

Too many grizzlies killed in hunt

Dec 2013: Raincoast scientists say BC government killing too many grizzlies

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