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Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project

Proposing oil tankers in some of the most pristine and treacherous waters in the world

To understand Raincoast’s objections to the Northern Gateway Project, we have compiled analysis and reviews that Raincoast has produced either as evidence for the federal hearings (NEB/CEAA) or in popular reports. Links to these documents are at the bottom of the page.

A chronology of  the Northern Gateway project

A grizzly holds a salmon in its mouth as it stands in the water.

Since 2004 Raincoast has been focused on keeping the coast of British Columbia oil-free. Raincoast’s Efforts in the Northern Gateway review process included original scientific research, scientific review and a legal role (represented by our lawyers at Ecojustice) as formal intervenors in the federal hearings.

What’s at Stake: The cost of oil on British Columbia’s priceless coast

What's at Stake Report Cover

Raincoast undertook five years of at-sea surveys along the coast of British Columbia to understand what truly is at risk from the Northern Gateway Project. The resultant report, What’s At Stake: the Cost of Oil on British Columbia’s Priceless Coast, details this information and places it in a broader ecological context.

Embroiled: Salmon, tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal

Pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in the Great Bear RainforestOne of the most iconic species on the BC coast, salmon are at particular risk from oil expansion projects. The Raincoast report, Embroiled: Salmon, Tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal, explores the connections between the oil industry’s proposed activities and how those activities can adversely affect salmon.


Support Raincoast’s continuing efforts to stop the Northern Gateway Project

Reports on concerns for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project, including the deficiencies in Enbridge’s Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment (ESA)

Marine mammals

Short history of BC whales and sea lion populations (PDF)

Status of whales and dolphins in QCB

Overview of threats to whales from NGP oil tankers (PDF)



Threats to salmon from NGP (PDF)

Cumulative threats to salmon (PDF)

RCF risk assessment undertaken on salmon (PDF)

Embroiled: Salmon, Tankers & Enbridge NGP (PDF)


Sea otters

NGP project threats to sea otters (PDF)

Cumulative threats to sea otters (PDF)


Marine Birds

Threats to marine birds from NGP (PDF)

RCF risk assessment undertaken on marine birds (PDF)


The Queen Charlotte Basin

Coastal/Terrestrial Animals (PDF)

Marine Life (PDF)


Brief overview of Enbridge’s flawed ESA

Overview of Enbridge’s ESA (PDF)


Brief overviews of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 

Lessons from Alaska (PDF)


Oil tanker threats to the Queen Charlotte Basin

Overview of threats from NGP oil tankers (PDF)

Enbridge’s examination of tanker risk (PDF)



Conclusions about Northern Gateway (PDF)