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Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project

To understand Raincoast’s concerns over the Northern Gateway Project and to assist others, we have compiled short segments of analysis and reviews that Raincoast has produced either as evidence for the NEB Hearings or in popular reports.  These materials are short, condensed and referenced, unless otherwise stated that they are longer.

If you want details (vs summaries) on all of these topics, including the deficiencies in Enbridge’s ESA that the JRP is reviewing, click here.

What’s so special about the Queen Charlotte Basin anyway?

Coastal/Terrestrial Animals

Marine Life

Very brief overview of the Enbridge’s flawed ESA

Overview of Enbridge’s flawed ESA

Brief overviews of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Lessons from Alaska

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 

Overview of oil tanker threats to the Queen Charlotte Basin

Overview of threats from NGP oil tankers

Enbridge’s examination of tanker risk

Marine mammals

Short history of BC whales and sea lion populations

Status of whales and dolphins in QCB

Overview of threats to whales from NGP oil tankers


Threats to salmon from NGP (several pages)

Cumulative threats to salmon

RCF risk assessment undertaken on salmon (several pages/detailed)

Embroiled: Full Report assessing threat to salmon

Sea otters

NGP project threats to sea otters

Cumulative threats to sea otters

Marine Birds

Threats to marine birds from NGP

RCF risk assessment undertaken on marine birds (several pages/ detailed)


Conclusions about Northern Gateway