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Northern Gateway:  A Crude Proposal

What you can do.

1.  Learn more, and share what you learn with friends:  

Raincoast analysis and media coverage of Northern Gateway:

Articles and stories by Raincoast scientists, biologists and our Executive Director

Raincoast videos

Other multi Media:

The true cost of tar sands on TEDx  Garth Lenz:

An overview of the tar sands H2Oil

2.  Attend the CEAA JRP  Hearings

  • Dates and Locations of hearings
  • Raincoast begins evidence cross examination in November 2012 in Prince Rupert. TBC
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4.   Talk to your friends about a new vibrant vision for BC and Canada

Saying “No” to Enbridge is saying “Yes” to:

  • uniting Canadians around a national energy strategy that promotes domestic energy security, sustainability, human and environmental health, and is in the long term interest of Canadian citizens.
  • protection of water, air, and soil resources that provide food and energy for life,
  • fostering healthy ecosystems that sustain wildlife, local communities and local economies,
  • protecting fish and wildlife resources that are critically important to Canadians for intrinsic, ecological, cultural and economic reasons,
  • meeting our domestic energy needs through low carbon alternatives,
  • reducing Canada’s contribution to global carbon emissions and climate change,
  • rejecting corporate profit that destroys or threatens public resources and tramples democratic process

Northern Gateway: Hearings of the NEB’s Joint Review Panel

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Raincoast’s submission to the JRP shows that Enbridge did not conduct the mandated ‘risk assessment’.

What’s at stake: The cost of oil on BC’s priceless coast

Report cover of What's at Stake

This popular report discusses ecological implications of oil tankers on the BC coast. It stems from Raincoast’s five years of marine surveys but emphasizes the broader ecological context.

Prepare for the Northern Gateway hearings

JRP panel

Here you will find materials to help prepare your presentation to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings.

Northern Gateway: A Crude Proposal

the cost of oil

These are some relevant facts and context to the Northern Gateway Issue: articles on the political context as well as the CEAA JRP hearings…

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