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Groundswell: The Film Trailer

January 27th 2012

Set sail with Raincoast, Patagonia and Woodshed Films  (in collaboration with Jeremy Koreski  and Dean Azim) for an exploratory surf trip along British Columbia’s unspoiled west coast.  While searching for waves, the crew documents what would be threatened if the Northern Gateway tar sands oil pipeline is built.

8 Responses to “Groundswell: The Film Trailer”

  1. When will the film be available for public screenings? I see the film going to be in SB, SCruz and SF but would love to show it in December or Jan in SLO, CA.

  2. Lacie Eastlick says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to be at the viewing of Groundswell last night at the Ecotrust and Patagonia building in downtown Portland, OR. I had the pleasure of living in SE Alaska (Petersburg) for a year and a half, working with the Department of Fish and Game and like the place you are protecting, it is a place like no other place that exists. I will follow the fight in preventing and protecting these precious resources so the indigenous people can prosper there as they have for centuries. Thanks for taking the time to create awareness and bring this issue here to so many people who are ready to join in the cause with you. We stand strong together!

  3. Misty MacDuffee says:

    Hi Bob,
    We can get you the film!. It would be great if you made it to Santa Cruz to see meet the gang. The other closest place is probably Ventura. We have a second film, slightly shorter, called Reflections: Art for an oil free coast about the 50 BC artists who are speaking out through their paintings.
    Anyway we will contact further. Thank you so much

  4. Quinn says:

    Will the movie ever be available to purchase or download?

  5. Tyler Parkes says:

    I’m in Australia at the moment and I heard there will be a screening of Groundswell at the Burleigh Heads film festival in early feb. I was curious as to whether it was possible to purchase a copy of the film. I’ll keep spreading the word downunder.

    thank you for your work


  6. Mary Lester says:

    I watched the trailer on BCTV last week and would like to purchase a copy. We need to support groups like yours who are willing to stand up for what they believe in!

  7. Misty MacDuffee says:

    Hi Mary you can now download Groundswell to rent (3.99) or own (6.99) from the Surf Network

  8. Misty MacDuffee says:

    Hi quinn
    When our films first came out you asked about downloads
    Here are the download links for both Groundswell and Reflections.
    Groundswell http://www.thesurfnetwork.com/product?product=b86d736f5567c849012cdf399608d295874afcac2acd5ed8

    Reflections: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb4zPV-PhYk&list=PLD1594A258E710A2A

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