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Film Trailer: Art for an Oil-Free Coast

September 26th 2012

This past summer, fifty of BC’s most celebrated artists picked up their tools and took a journey up the coast.

Five-hundred kilometres north of Vancouver is a wild coastline: home to the Spirit Bear and whales, wolf packs and grizzlies, First Nations and coastal communities. With the looming threat of a proposed oil pipeline and hundreds of oil tankers a year, it is a magical place on edge.

This film trailer for the 22 min documentary, by StrongHeart Productions, REFLECTIONS: ART FOR AN OIL FREE COAST shares the story of a Raincoast expedition into a stunning and remote landscape, weaving together the artists’ work and their emotional response to a region at risk and the people that depend on it.

Reflections: Art for an Oil Free Coast (22 min. 2012. Canadian doc.)
Produced by Raincoast Conservation Foundation & StrongHeart Productions
With Robert Bateman, Ian Reid, Raincoast & friends.
World Premiere Announced:
Vancouver International Film Festival, October 3rd 2012.


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2 Responses to “Film Trailer: Art for an Oil-Free Coast”

  1. Richard Palmer says:

    Is the full video “reflections Art for an Oil Free Coast” going to be available as a free download online to share with people? I am hoping sio as I want to share this with many contacts!

  2. Misty MacDuffee says:

    It is Rick. In the meantime please contact and we can it too you so you can host screenings. thanks so much!

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