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Carnivore expert discusses BC ‘wolf management plan’

December 3rd 2012

“Strong on killing and not very strong on conservation” is how Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet describes BC’s wolf management plan.

Listen to Paul, one of North America’s top wolf scientists, discuss why it fails to address caribou declines and fails as a management plan.

Click here to listen 

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One Response to “Carnivore expert discusses BC ‘wolf management plan’”

  1. Suzanne Rush says:

    This kill mentality just runs rampant through out the U.S. and Canada, as you can see what is happening to the collard wolves of Yellowstone! I sincerely hope the public, who supports wildlife will speak their voices on these issues- I for one will continue to sign every petition possible to stop the senseless killing in our states and provinces and I share as much info as possible to friends and family- The studies scientists have done on government animal “management” plans need to be brought to the public and the truth be told just how unsound they are! The newspapers, internet, can greatly help the cause of conservation- there are caring people out here that will spread the word! Thank you, Suzanne Rush-Colorado

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