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The ethics of BC’s grizzly hunt

June 18th 2013

CBC RadioWest with host Rebecca Zandbergen

BC’s controlled grizzly bear hunt is now closed for the season. Some people think the grizzly hunt should be shut down, including Dr. Paul Paquet. He’s currently a Senior Scientist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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2 Responses to “The ethics of BC’s grizzly hunt”

  1. Julie says:

    The ethics of the grizzly hunt are interesting. Although grizzly tourism is a huge source of income (bigger than hunting), British Columbia stated that the numbers of grizzly are not hurt by the yearly hunt and that they are not endangered. If this is the case, there’s no harm in it.
    If you look at any environmental conservation agency, you’ll find hunters are everywhere in them – we want the land to thrive, and we don’t want species to be driven to extinction. As long as the grizzly are not endangered, and the population not hurt by the hunt…we’re not sure what the moral dilemma is.

  2. Misty MacDuffee says:

    The issue is ethical Julie. Why would you kill for fun?

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