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The World of Wolves

August 24th 2011

New perspectives on ecology, behavior and management

Book review in the journal Animal Welfare 

Raincoast Senior Scientist Dr. Paul Paquet and two other international authorities on the biology, behavior and conservation of wolves have produced and edited  the book, The World of Wolves.   Muisani,  Boitani and Paquet offer new perspectives on the conflict and coexistence between wolves and humas.

Click to read the full review of  The World of Wolves.

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One Response to “The World of Wolves”

  1. Hi Raincoast, I was disturbed to see Monday’s news reports that BC ranchers are pushing hard for a wolf cull to protect their profits/properties. So i Googled this topic, & Raincoast was listed on page 1… However, while your site appears to contain invaluable expert data/ references, updating that to reflect the current situation would aid its relevancy & usefulness vis-a-vis protecting BC’s important native wildlife–as well as my involvement! So i’m sending this hoping you’ll be moved to lend this your timely expertise and/or update your website accordingly. Very much appreciated!

    Cheers, thank you!

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