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Groundswell takes a surfing safari to the Great Bear Rainforest

February 13th 2013

The Georgia Straight

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Threat of Enbridge pipeline looms over documentary short’s gorgeous, evocative images
by MARTIN DUNPHY on FEB 11, 2013
WHEN THE RAINCOAST Conservation Foundation decided to put together a coastal expedition to B.C.’s Great Bear Rainforest to showcase its irreplaceable wilderness values, it wanted to present things a bit differently than the usual environmental documentary.
So it brought in filmmaker Chris Malloy, a former pro surfer from California, and some surfing buds: his bro (literally) Dan Malloy, Trevor Gordon, and B.C.’s Peter Devries.

The result is a great little doc (just under a half-hour) with some outstanding wildlife and landscape photography and one of the more unusual hooks for a film with a message: wandering the GBR’s coastal crevices in a 21-metre sailboat, looking for pristine swells…

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One Response to “Groundswell takes a surfing safari to the Great Bear Rainforest”

  1. sheri Farinha says:

    Groundswell, the surfers’ documentary created by Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Patagonia speaks to rationale behind the growing opposition to the Enbridge pipeline. It is a great metaphor because in surfing lexicon, a groundswell is a series of intense, powerful waves and that is what is happening in the political landscape. And what a groundswell. We are witnessing for the first time, a provincial election with primary issues about our environment and protecting our coastal economy. Indeed the outcome of the coming election pivots on the importance of conserving beautiful B.C.

    But wait, here comes the agitator, the purveyor of objectionable opinions, the radical and offensive, *Ezra Levant. His new book, titled Groundswell is coming out this fall.
    It might be more aptly titled Quicksand because Ezra is going to find that his style of journalism is going suck him in so deeply,he will never survive.

    *author of Ethical Oil

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