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The Northern Gateway project invites the world’s largest supertankers and dirtiest oil to the unspoiled waters of coastal British Columbia. In addition to the possibility of oil spills in a place that hosts some of world’s most ecologically productive waters, Enbridge’s pipelines and tankers provide a key commercial outlet for tar sands oil, exacerbating the staggering impact from this massive industrial development and accelerating Canada’s contribution to atmospheric carbon and climate change.

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As well as this message to Stephen Harper, a letter to BC Premier Christy Clark and Federal Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver will ensure that your opinion is counted.  Click here for our sample letter.

The Enbridge project has implications beyond Canadian shores; the American Pacific Coast is also threatened by tankers laden with tar sands oil bound for Californian refineries. We urge citizens of the United States to contact your state senator to communicate your personal concerns. Californians can contact senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein; Oregonians can contact senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkly; and residents of Washington State can contact senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwellclick here for our sample letter.

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