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Last fall, Raincoast set sail with a world-famous line up of US and Canadian surfers. Our collaboration with accomplished filmmaker Chris Malloy has produced a remarkable 25-minute documentary titled GROUNDSWELL.  It chronicles not only a world-class surfing adventure, but provides a cerebral and compelling examination of an issue that embodies many aspects of today’s environmental challenges: our energy future, geopolitics, aboriginal rights and title, and more.

Groundswell is often screening with another short documentary, Raincoast’s Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast that opened at the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.

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The film trailer


Take Action on Northern Gateway


Snapshots from the surf expedition


Groundswell spotlight

Fun accessories to the surfing, film and issue.

Special Thanks

This project would not have been possible without help from an enormous number of people. Raincoast would like to thank the following groups who have gone above and beyond to not only make this campaign come together, but as well as fight to keep this coast oil free.

Supporting Photographers

Jeremy Koreski –

Dean Azim –



Venue Sponsors and Hosts

             The Willow Grove Foundation