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A wave breaks, and a surfer sits showing his board.

Get Involved with Raincoast Conservation

Raincoast relies on the support of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to undertake the work we do.

The following are ways in which you can help Raincoast and support our scientific work and conservation efforts to protect the animal inhabitants of the British Columbia coast.


A grizzly stands in the forest as beams of sunlight cascade around him

Directly to Raincoast

Through a Smile Card

A Thriftys Smile Card

Support Raincoast with your Thrifty Food’s Smile Card and 5% of your grocery bill is donated to Raincoast, at no cost to you. To obtain a card please Contact Raincoast.

Through 1% For The Planet

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Members of 1% For The Planet donate 1% of their sales directly to NGOs. Raincoast’s 1% for the planet supporters include Hemp & Company and  Maple Leaf Adventures.

By supporting our sponsors

We have many sponsors who support Raincoast, so your support of them, helps us.

Get Involved

a wet grizzly head poked out of the water

Sign up and Share

Raincoast publishes both a monthly e-newsletter and email conservation updates, you can sign up to receive them directly to your inbox.

Like, share, tweet, subscribe, and help Raincoast spread our conservation message.


We regularly need help with field work, in the office, and at events. Current volunteer opportunities are updated often, so check back regularly for one that interests you.

Attend an Event

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events in your area.

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