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Northern Gateway and the NEB Hearings

Raincoast was an intervener in the National Energy Board’s (NEB) public review process known as the Joint Review Panel (JRP) on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline project.  We are represented by our legal counsel, Ecojustice.


In 2004: Raincoast begins 5 years of systematic ocean surveys to document the presence, abundance and distribution of marine birds and mammals to inform the debate and growing pressure on the BC coast for oil  development.

In 2009: Raincoast completed 7 seasons, 14,000 kilometres of survey trackline compiling over 2000 ‘sightings’ of marine mammals and 20,000 ‘sightings’ of marine birds.

In 2010: Raincoast publishes scientific papers on preliminary results, a technical report, and a popular report on What’s at Stake.

Download published scientific papers to date 

Download the technical report: Predictive modelling for marine mammals

Download the popular report What’s at Stake?

In 2010: Enbridge filed their proposal with the NEB.  The proposal (i.e. Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment or ESA) and its many updates can be downloaded from the NEB’s website.  The volumes that Raincoast reviewed can be downloaded below.

In 2011 Raincoast filed as an intervener with the NEB.

In 2011 Raincoast filed the first round of Information Requests to Enbridge and the Canadian Federal government

In 2011, Raincoast made a lengthy submission of evidence to the Joint Review Panel critiquing aspects of Enbridge’s pipeline, marine terminal and tanker proposal, specifically as they related to impacts on wildlife.  Our review reveals severe inadequacies with the assessments, models and analysis in Enbridge’s Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment (ESA).

Download Raincoast’s submission of evidence (whole report 8 MB) or individual chapters separately:

In July 2012,  Raincoast received questions from Enbridge regarding our submission of evidence.  Some were legitimate questions regarding the evidence presented, while others were puerile jabs that had no relevance to the submission, the material in front the JRP panel or the NEB process.

Download Enbridge’s Information Request & Raincoast’s response.

In November 2012,  Enbridge lawyers cross examine Raincoast scientists on our terrestrial evidence submission. Download November 2012 Transcripts

In December 2012, Legal counsel for Raincoast (and its partners) began cross examination of Enbridge on the marine component of Enbridge’s ESA. Download December 2012 Transcripts (Tim Leadem X).

In February 2013, Raincoast’s legal counsel, Ecojustice, continue cross examination on the marine component of Enbridge’s ESA. Download February 2013 Transcripts  (Karen Campbell X).

In March 2013, Raincoast’s legal counsel, Ecojustice, continue cross examination on the marine component of Enbridge’s ESA.  Download March 2013 Transcript’s (Barry Robinson X).

In April 2013, Enbridge cross examines Raincoast scientists on our marine submission of evidence and critique of their ESA. However, at the 11th hour, Enbridge withdraws their request to cross examine 90% of Raincoast’s submission. Severe critiques of Enbridge’s work to assess impacts to salmon, herring, eulachon, marine birds, and from the terminal, oil tankers and cumulative effects, stand unchallenged.  Download April 2013 Transcripts.

In April 2013, with Raincoast providing scientific support, our legal counsel, Ecojustice, cross examined two departments of Canada’s federal government, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada, on the marine components of Enbridge’s ESA April 2013 Transcripts (Tim Leadem X)

In early June 2013, Raincoast and our JRP coalition partners submitted Final Written Arguments in the hearings.

In mid June 2013, Raincoast’s legal counsel, Ecojustice, presented our Final Oral Arguments (delivered by Barry Robinson) in response to Enbridge’s final arguments.

In late June 2013, the hearings conclude.

In December 2013 the JRP panel makes its recommendations to Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

All of Raincoast’s submissions and correspondence, and those of our JRP coalition partners, Forest Ethics and Living Oceans Society, can be viewed by searching the NEB’s website.
Enbridge’s Submission to the National Energy Board (these are the documents RCF reviewed)