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Salmon Papers

June 10th 2014

Time-delayed subsidies: Interspecies population effects in salmon

New study from SFU and Raincoast shows the benefits from higher numbers of spawning pink and chum salmon on coho…

November 27th 2013

Stress in grizzly bears linked with salmon shortages

Salmon declines could have long-term effects on grizzly bear health, conclude scientists from Raincoast in a study published today in the scientific journal PLOS ONE…

October 22nd 2013

Bears, salmon and forests: new research on old connections

Raincoast and UVic scientists finds new reasons to support the importance of bears and salmon for tree growth in the ancient forests of Haida Gwaii…

April 28th 2012

Salmon farms as a source of sea lice: Raincoast responds

Raincoast biologist responds to DFO on the impact of salmon farms. Published in Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

April 17th 2012

Using grizzlies to assess harvest-ecosystem trade-offs in salmon fisheries

Researchers at Raincoast and UC-Santa Cruz investigate how letting more salmon reach spawning streams can benefit bears, the ecosystem and even long‐term fishery catches…

February 8th 2011

Sea lice from salmon farms infect juvenile sockeye

Young sockeye salmon from the Fraser River are being infected with sea lice as they pass fish farms on their migration routes.


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