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Scientific Papers

July 25th 2014

Indigenous knowledge & science unite to reveal distributional shift in wildlife …

Study by Raincoast and partners discusses the movement of grizzlies from BC’s mainland onto coastal islands in the journal PLOS ONE…

July 13th 2014

Population genetic structure of gray wolves in a marine archipelago…

Researchers find differences between BC’s coastal and mainland wolves. Published in BMC Ecology

July 5th 2014

Grizzly bears have colonized unprotected islands in the Great Bear Rainforest: Media Release

A collaboration of wildlife scientists from Raincoast and UVic have published a study in the international peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE…

June 10th 2014

Time-delayed subsidies: Interspecies population effects in salmon

New study from SFU and Raincoast shows the benefits from higher numbers of spawning pink and chum salmon on coho…

June 10th 2014

Coastal wolves a whole different animal, study finds

Sarah Petrescu / Times Colonist
A study by Raincoast researchers affirms genetic, ecological and behavioural differences between coastal and mainland wolves living in close proximity to each other…

June 9th 2014

Spawning pink and chum salmon provide benefits to coho

Research from SFU and Raincoast scientists shows juvenile coho salmon benefit from dining on the carcasses of spawning pink and chum salmon.


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