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Notes from the Field

August 7th 2014

Adopt a drift card to help protect our coast

Our drift card study is a perfect example of research that creatively meshes science with public awareness…

July 1st 2014

Grizzly visions, dreams and celebrations on Canada Day

Raincoast’s Ross Dixon writes about Canada’s grizzly heritage from the Khutzeymateen Valley on BC’s coast…

March 3rd 2014

Herring: Food for the masses, food for all classes

These little silver fish feed and provide nutrients into the land and wildlife much the same way that salmon do…

February 15th 2014

Hello from Haida Gwaii

Walking down their favourite beach, Sian and Allan were not thinking of oil spills until they found a bright yellow drift card and its message, this could be oil…

February 15th 2014

Enbridge -1, Humpbacks – 0

One hundred years ago, British Columbia’s humpback whales had many reasons to fear humans…

July 1st 2013

We stand on guard… against big oil

Happy Canada Day from Raincoast and a message from our executive director, Chris Genovali…


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