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Notes from the Field

Raincoast’s monthly e-newsletter detailing our science, field work, events, and breaking conservation updates.

Notes from the Field – Spring in the Great Bear Rainforest

Raincoast's field station in Bella Bella in front of a backdrop of forest and mountains

Published on 2015.04.14 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Spring is a special time for our research crews. Across the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest bears are emerging from dens …

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Tracking Raincoast into 2015

A grizzly looks to the left of the image in the coastal rainforest in front of wispy mist.

Published on 2014.12.30 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Our annual report, Tracking Raincoast into 2015, celebrates our achievements over the last 12 months…

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Peace on Earth for killer whales?

Three orcas swim from right to left.

Published on 2014.12.27 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

“Peace on Earth” should extend goodwill and compassion to the non-human families and communities with whom we share this planet…

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New study shows Canada’s species at risk rarely recover

A lone killer whale swimming near a rocky out crop

Published on 2014.12.08 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

What do the North Atlantic Right Whale, the Woodland Caribou and the Spotted Bat all have in common? Like hundreds of other species in Canada, all three are at elevated risk of going extinct…

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Are you Directly Affected by the Kinder Morgan proposal?

Directly affected logo

Published on 2014.10.31 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Raincoast has upcoming film premieres of Directly Affected in Vancouver and Victoria. Check out dates and locations…

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Adopt a drift card to help protect our coast

Raincoast Card Drop Saltspring

Published on 2014.08.26 | by Andy | in Notes from the Field

Our drift card study is a perfect example of research that creatively meshes science with public awareness…

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Grizzly visions, dreams and celebrations on Canada Day


Published on 2014.07.01 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

Raincoast’s Ross Dixon writes about Canada’s grizzly heritage from the Khutzeymateen Valley on BC’s coast…

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Earth Day for an Oil-Free Coast

Bateman in Great Bear

Published on 2014.04.18 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

For Earth Day 2014 Raincoast has teamed up with the Sierra Club BC to bring you an evening of inspiration and entertainment headlined by renowned artist Robert Bateman…

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Herring: Food for the masses, food for all classes

Pacific Herring_Clupea_pallasi

Published on 2014.03.03 | by Raincoast | in Notes from the Field

These little silver fish feed and provide nutrients into the land and wildlife much the same way that salmon do…

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