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September 4th 2013

Bear Witness

Coastal First Nations have released their excellent film on the coastal grizzly hunt. It’s a must watch…

September 3rd 2013

Reflections: Art for an oil-free coast

Watch the full documentary on the artists expedition to the heart of the tanker route that is being proposed by Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project…

June 24th 2013

DFO finds rare whale on BC coast

DFO finds a critically endangered North Pacific right whale off the BC coast. See footage with narration by Dr. John Ford, head of DFO’s cetacean research program…

September 26th 2012

Film Trailer: Art for an Oil-Free Coast

This past summer, fifty of BC’s most celebrated artists picked up their tools and took a journey up the coast…

January 27th 2012

Groundswell: The Film Trailer

Groundswell: a surf film by Raincoast and Patagonia about the threat from Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Proposal will be released this fall. Check out the trailer here…

April 4th 2010

What’s at stake? Canada’s west coast

The Canadian Federal government is pushing a proposal to ship tar sands oil by tanker through Canada’s Inside Passage . These tankers must navigate dog leg channels, rocky courses, unpredictable and sometimes violent weather after leaving the proposed terminal in Kitimat, BC. These routes would bring tankers into BC’s productive, diverse and fragile coastline where […]


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