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Press Releases

Press Releases from Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Supreme Court of Canada asked to weigh-in on future of Environmental Assessment Law

A humpback jumps into the air in the Pacific ocean.

Published on 2016.09.22 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Ecojustice lawyers, acting on behalf of Raincoast, have filed an application to appeal aspects of the Northern Gateway decision to the Supreme Court of Canada…

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Immediate action essential for Southern Resident killer whales


Published on 2016.07.21 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Raincoast releases video to encourage public comments on the killer whale action plan.
Public comment period ends August 14th…

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Environmental groups launch court challenge over NEB’s Kinder Morgan report

Killer Whale in the Pacific

Published on 2016.06.17 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Ecojustice lawyers, representing Living Oceans and Raincoast, have filed for a judicial review of the NEB’s report that recommended the federal Cabinet approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline…

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National Energy Board fails killer whales

Three orcas swim from right to left.

Published on 2016.05.19 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases, southern resident killer whales

The NEB’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s TMX jeopardizes the survival of BC’s endangered southern resident killer whales, increasing the probability that they will ultimately go extinct, asserted Raincoast…

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At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast

PJ Hodum Northern Fulmar DSC_0065 edited copy

Published on 2016.05.09 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

At Sea with the Marine Birds of the Raincoast shares the unique story of conservation scientist Dr. Caroline Fox as she sails thousands of kilometers along the BC coast, surveying marine birds…

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Coastal Revival: A five part mini-series

CR E1 01 Scenic 2_45

Published on 2016.05.02 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

A new five-part documentary series, Coastal Revival, tells how First Nations, conservationists, researchers and ecotourism are combining to protect some of the BC’s most emblematic wildlife…

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Raincoast reps at Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference

A salt marsh at the mouth of the Fraser River is used by juvenile salmon, other fish species, and thousands of resident and migratory birds.  Photo: M. MacDuffee

Published on 2016.04.12 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Raincoast biologists are at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference this week discussing their work in the Salish Sea and the Fraser Estuary…

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Fear itself can help restore ecosystems

Raccoon foraging in intertidal zone

Published on 2016.02.23 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

A new study by Raincoast scientists and collaborators demonstrates that the fear top predators inspire can have cascading effects down the food chain critical to maintaining healthy ecosystems…

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Conservation groups urge the NEB to reject Kinder Morgan pipeline

SRKW critical habitat and KM tanker route-web

Published on 2016.01.25 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

“The quantity of Kinder Morgan’s evidence does not make it quality evidence,” said Karen Campbell, Ecojustice lawyer for Raincoast and Living Oceans…

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