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Press Releases

Press Releases from Raincoast Conservation Foundation

The human super predator revealed


Published on 2015.08.20 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

A study by Raincoast scientists just released in the journal Science identifies humans as the planet’s super predator…

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Conservation groups call for salmon protection in the face of extreme conditions

salmon swimming underwater

Published on 2015.07.21 | by Raincoast | in In the News, Press Releases

Six conservation groups are calling on DFO to act on unprecedented river conditions by reducing mixed stock fisheries and protecting spawning salmon…

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Novel species interactions: black bears respond to Pacific herring spawn

Pacific herring top banner

Published on 2015.05.26 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Raincoast researchers document the first scientific evidence of a cross-ecosystem interaction between Pacific herring and black bears, two prominent species that play substantive roles in coastal ecosystems…

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Witnessing extinction: habitat loss, caribou and the wolf cull

Wolves standing in the cross hairs of a gun sight

Published on 2015.05.14 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Eight environmental groups applaud a recently published scientific report that reveals how much habitat the caribou in the South Peace region have lost…

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Raincoast launches BC wolf cull billboard campaign

wolf billboard Banner -brad Hill

Published on 2015.04.16 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Raincoast has launched a billboard campaign calling attention to the inhumane slaughter of wolves that is occurring at the hands of the BC government…

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Experimental wolf cull in Alberta ignites scientific criticism over inhumane research

3 running wolves-PCP

Published on 2015.02.11 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Scientists from the Raincoast and the Universities of Saskatchewan and Victoria denounce the failure of researchers, government agencies, research institutions, and the scientific publishing process to abide by recognized ethical standards of animal research and welfare…

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Directly Affected – From Burnaby to Ottawa

Directly affected logo

Published on 2015.01.13 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Three Vancouver filmmakers and Raincoast are launching a national tour to ask Canadians how they are Directly Affected by oil sands development…

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Canada’s endangered and at-risk species not recovering

a pod of orcas on the surface of the water off of BC

Published on 2014.11.28 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

New research shows Canada’s endangered and other at-risk species are not recovering…

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Media Release: Public participation required for oil spill simulation

Drift cards floating on water

Published on 2014.08.25 | by Raincoast | in Press Releases

Raincoast and the Georgia Strait Alliance are teaming up with the City of Vancouver today to conduct an oil spill simulation on the Fraser River and in Burrard Inlet…

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