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April 12th 2014

Original Joe’s backs Raincoast

Media release / Victoria, B.C.
CHEERS !!! Original Joe’s Restaurant and Bar gives Raincoast over $2300 from its community pint program…

January 17th 2014

Environmental groups launch lawsuit over flawed Northern Gateway report

Raincoast and three other ENGO’s have launched a lawsuit to block the federal Cabinet approval of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline…

January 9th 2014

Study shows Pacific herring provide a subsidy to coastal ecosystems

Scientists at Raincoast and UVic have traced a relationship between spawning Pacific herring and organisms that live way up in the high intertidal zone…

January 7th 2014

Economic study shows coastal bears worth far more alive than dead

A new economic study released today shows once again that grizzly bear viewing is worth far more to the provincial economy than the trophy hunting of these iconic animals on the coast of BC…

December 19th 2013

NEB fails BC communities, salmon and wildlife

The consequences to BC’s wild salmon from Northern Gateway’s tar sands pipeline project are not worth taking, asserted Raincoast in response to the NEB’s announcement today …

December 17th 2013

Embroiled: Salmon, tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal

New Report by Raincoast says Northern Gateway not worth the risk to BC’s wild salmon…


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