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March 24th 2014

What Exxon Valdez anniversary has to do with Canada’s wild salmon

Misty MacDuffee & Chris Genovali / Huff Post
March 24 marks the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill…

December 17th 2013

Embroiled: Salmon, tankers and the Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal

New Report by Raincoast says Northern Gateway not worth the risk to BC’s wild salmon…

November 27th 2013

Stress in grizzly bears linked with salmon shortages

Salmon declines could have long-term effects on grizzly bear health, conclude scientists from Raincoast in a study published today in the scientific journal PLOS ONE…

August 21st 2013

NGOs clash with Canada authorities over video

Nonprofit conservation groups are angry with the Canadian government over its reaction to a video the groups produced that they claim shows fishermen violating the law…

August 20th 2013

Officials looking into Fisheries Act violations in salmon video

Mark Hume, Globe & Mail
A video that shows fishermen kicking salmon apparently lifeless overboard has triggered a federal investigation, but groups want changes to practices, not charges…

August 19th 2013

Wild salmon discard video sparks probe

CBC/Canadian Press
DFO says it has launched a formal investigation after a video showing allegedly harmful salmon release practices was posted online last week…


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