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Oil-free coast

June 28th 2014

Kinder Morgan: Putting the Salish Sea at Risk

Chris Genovali / Seaside Magazine
Weaving through an archipelago, the mixing of large freshwater rivers with marine waters has created an ocean rich with life…

June 17th 2014

Supertankers to the coast: Canada approves building controversial pipeline

Joel Connelly / Seattle PI
The Canadian government gave green light to construction of a pipeline that would carry 525,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta’s tar sands…

June 5th 2014

300 scientists call on feds to reject Northern Gateway

Two Raincoast scientists were among 300 Canadian university scientists that are calling on the federal government to reject the Northern Gateway proposal…

June 2nd 2014

NORTHERN GATEWAY: The battle is only begining

Globe and Mail
The Northern Gateway project is unlikely to be built anytime soon. Legal challenges and blockades suggest opposition has just begun…

April 29th 2014

Critics say Canada shouldn’t have taken Humpback Whales off the Endangered Species List

David P. Ball / VICE
The Canadian government’s announcement that it’s knocking humpback whales off its endangered species list has critics pulling their “Save the whales!” signs from the 1980s out of storage…

April 26th 2014

Comment: Down-listing puts humpbacks in jeopardy

Misty MacDuffee & Chris Genovali
Times Colonist
The federal government intends to down-list the status of North Pacific humpback whales…


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