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Marine Animals

June 2nd 2014

Premature: Raincoast comments on SARA down-listing of humpbacks

Raincoast is concerned the proposed down-listing of SARA listed North Pacific humpback whales in BC is premature. We submitted comments in May 2014 to the federal government…

May 20th 2014

Who speaks for the whales?

Raincoast’s Chris Genovali responds in the Vancouver Sun to advocates for downlisting humpback whales…

April 29th 2014

Critics say Canada shouldn’t have taken Humpback Whales off the Endangered Species List

David P. Ball / VICE
The Canadian government’s announcement that it’s knocking humpback whales off its endangered species list has critics pulling their “Save the whales!” signs from the 1980s out of storage…

April 26th 2014

Comment: Down-listing puts humpbacks in jeopardy

Misty MacDuffee & Chris Genovali
Times Colonist
The federal government intends to down-list the status of North Pacific humpback whales…

October 26th 2013

Comment: West Coast oil spill would be a killer for whales

Victoria Times Colonist
Raincoast’s Misty MacDuffee and Chris Genovali discuss the realities of Enbridge’s ads and promises for killer whales…

October 26th 2013

Federal MP calls for action plan to protect killer whales

By Sarah Petrescu,Times Colonist
Raincoast backs the motion by federal MP Randall Garrison to initiate an action plan for BC’s endangered southern resident killer whales…


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