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Climate & Habitat

September 7th 2013

Climate Change Missing In Enbridge Northern Gateway Assessment

By Paul C. Paquet, Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee, The Huffington Post
Ignoring climate change is a critical omission that further undermines the credibility of an already flawed Enbridge ESA for decision-making…

August 30th 2013

Wrong to ignore Climate Change

By Paul Paquet, Chris Genovali and Misty MacDuffee,
The StarPhoenix
As formal interveners in the Northern Gateway federal review process, we were disconcerted that climate change was not considered in the Enbridge ESA…

September 1st 2011

Pipeline proposal could triple oil tanker trips

By Sean McIntyre – Gulf Islands Driftwood
Published: August 31, 2011

Broader public consultation and a thorough risk assessment are needed before a decision to increase tanker traffic by more than 200% through the Gulf Islands is made…..

June 1st 2011

Canada’s Pacific Coast: Priceless and Irreplaceable

The Huffington Post

By Chris Genovali, Paul Paquet and Misty MacDuffee

The distinct assembly of iconic animals such as whales, dolphins, wolves, and bears make the coast of British Columbia qualitatively different from most other exceptional places in the world…

April 6th 2011

Wildlife Part of the Pipeline Equation, Too

Island Tides April 7-April 20, 2011

The notion that animal welfare applies to wildlife has escaped most people, including animal welfarists and conservationists alike…

March 22nd 2011

Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Threatens Canadian Wildlife

The Huffington Post
By Paul Paquet and Chris Genovali

Although rarely considered, many human activities deprive wild animals of their life necessities by destroying or impoverishing their surroundings, causing suffering of individuals through displacement, stress, starvation, and diminished security…


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