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June 10th 2014

Wolves on BC island genetically different from those on mainland

Dirk Meissner / The Canadian Press
Wolf researchers from Raincoast and UVic find that island wolves have diet that consists of marine foods, up to 75 per cent…

June 10th 2014

Coastal wolves a whole different animal, study finds

Sarah Petrescu / Times Colonist
A study by Raincoast researchers affirms genetic, ecological and behavioural differences between coastal and mainland wolves living in close proximity to each other…

March 24th 2014

Where’s the science?

Paul Paquet & Bob Ferris / S.J. Mercury News
Sadly, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has recently shown contempt for both when it comes to the recovery of gray wolves…

February 4th 2014

Wolf habituation a human issue

Chris Bolster and Dean Unger / Powell River Peak
Management of few animals in BC is more contentious than wolves. Seen by some as a symbol of our wilderness heritage and by others as a threat…

January 22nd 2014

U.S. relocation of Canadian wolves may be too successful

Dene Moore / The Canadian Press
The problem lies not in whether the wolves can adapt, says Dr. Paquet, but whether people who have lived without the top-tier predators for generations can do so…

October 15th 2013

Unlimited wolf kill proposed for Thompson region

Province of BC proposes hunting rules to allow unlimited wolf killing year round. Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet describes plan as “woefully ignorant”…


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