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September 1st 2011

Challenging terrain biggest hurdle in cougar hunt, tracker says

By Cindy E. Harnett, Times Colonist August 31, 2011

Monday’s attack is extremely rare and Parks Canada says public protection is a key mandate. However, Paul Paquet, senior scientist for Raincoast, who has a doctorate in zoology, said protection of wildlife is also in the mandate…

February 9th 2011

Cougars: British Columbia’s Neglected Carnivore

The Huffington Post
by Chris Genovali

BC holds extensive tracts of large carnivore habitat that provide core areas of vital ground for all indigenous wide-ranging carnivores, including cougars…

January 27th 2011

Cougar protection urged

By Ken Manning – North Island Gazette
Published: January 27, 2011

Say the word “cougar” on the North Island and people pay attention. Say that cougars need our protection, not vice versa, and you are probably in for an argument…

August 7th 2009

Howling and yowling

MONDAY MAGAZINE -letters July 29, 2009 Howling and yowling Re: “Big Cats on the Prowl,” July 2-8 I am compelled to respond to some of the myriad inaccuracies in Willi Boepple’s letter about cougars, Sitka black-tailed deer and my article on both species which recently appeared in Monday.

July 16th 2009

The squeeze is on for BC’s big cats

Island Tides Chris Genovali July 16-29, 2009 A recent cougar attack in Squamish has brought to the fore BC’s failure to manage these top-level predators. Reports that BC has 4-6,000 cougars have no scientific basis.

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July 16th 2009

Cougar Turf

Fatal animal attacks are rare, but with a recent spike in cougar maulings, a plan is needed as urban sprawl threatens the habitat of predators By Tiffany Crawford CanWest News Service July 14, 2009 OTTAWA — Fatal attacks on humans by animals with big, sharp teeth are rare in Canada despite a recent spike in […]


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