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Large Carnivores

July 7th 2014

Roadside bear kills raise monitoring concerns

Cara McKenna / Nanaimo Daily News
Two mutilated black bears found on a roadside last month have prompted Raincoast to compare Vancouver Island’s remote hunting areas to the wild west…

June 10th 2014

Wolves on BC island genetically different from those on mainland

Dirk Meissner / The Canadian Press
Wolf researchers from Raincoast and UVic find that island wolves have diet that consists of marine foods, up to 75 per cent…

June 10th 2014

Coastal wolves a whole different animal, study finds

Sarah Petrescu / Times Colonist
A study by Victoria-based researchers affirms genetic, ecological and behavioural differences between coastal and mainland wolves living in close proximity to each other…

April 15th 2014

Opinion: BC government wants grizzly bears dead

Chris Genovali / Special to the Vancouver Sun
We want these bears dead. This is the message the B.C. government’s “reallocation policy” sends to Raincoast, to British Columbians, and to the world…

April 3rd 2014

British Columbia’s controversial spring grizzly bear hunt now open

Dene Moore CP / The Globe and Mail
British Columbia’s controversial spring grizzly bear hunt opened Tuesday, with one of the highest number of hunting authorizations issued in decades…

March 25th 2014

When Science-Based Management Isn’t

Raincoast & SFU scientists just published a letter in the international journal SCIENCE. It calls out the BC gov’t for making politically motivated decisions and calling them ‘scientific’…


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