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Announcements – wolves

December 6th 2012

Management Plan for humans submitted by BC wolves

A Draft Management Plan for Humans was submitted today by Ken S. Lupus with the BC Ministry of Wild Wolves…

December 6th 2012

Raincoast submits comments on Province’s Wolf Management Plan

Overall, this is a deeply flawed plan that contains many scientifically unsound and uninformed objectives…

March 21st 2012

Wolves scapegoated for tar sands oil development

Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet speaks out on blaming wolves when tar sands development and habitat destruction are the actual cause for decline of woodland caribou…

August 24th 2011

The World of Wolves

New perspectives on ecology, behavior and management

Raincoast Senior Scientist Dr. Paul Paquet and two other international authorities on the biology, behavior and conservation of wolves are the editors of this new book reviewed in the journal Animal Welfare…

April 12th 2011

‘Welfare of wolves’ goes to International Canine conference

As part of the International Conference on Canines in Germany this October, Raincoast’s Dr. Paul Paquet will be speaking on the need to apply animal welfare considerations to wildlife…

May 4th 2010

Wolf kill to save caribou strongly opposed

The following open letter has been sent to BC Premier Gordon Campbell opposing the killing of wolves and cougars to save mountain caribou May 3, 2010 BY FAX AND E-MAIL Premier Gordon Campbell PO Box 9041 STN PROV GOVT Victoria, BC V8W 9E1 Fax: (250) 387-0087 Dear Premier Campbell: The undersigned organizations are strongly opposed […]


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