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July 24th 2014

Study confirms grizzlies living on unprotected coastal islands

Cara McKenna / The Tyee
Local guide’s knowledge, now backed by research from Raincoast and partners, raises major conservation concerns for bears on BC’s coast…

July 18th 2014

It makes more economic sense to shoot grizzlies with cameras than guns

Chris Genovali / Huffington Post
Contrary to Minister Yamamoto’s assertions, there is no ecological, ethical, or economic justification for continuing to trophy kill B.C.’s grizzly bears…

July 18th 2014

Grizzly bears more useful alive than dead

Chris Genovali / Times Colonist
One can only conclude the minister of tourism was poorly briefed with regard to the grizzly hunt after reading about her recent speech on Saltspring…

July 17th 2014

Tourism minister’s grizzly comments baffling

Chris Genovali / Gulf Islands Driftwood
Our analysis showed that in the long term, it makes more economic sense to shoot grizzly bears with cameras than to shoot them with guns…

July 7th 2014

Roadside bear kills raise monitoring concerns

Cara McKenna / Nanaimo Daily News
Two mutilated black bears found on a roadside have prompted Raincoast to compare Vancouver Island’s remote hunting areas to the wild west…

June 28th 2014

Kinder Morgan: Putting the Salish Sea at Risk

Chris Genovali / Seaside Magazine
Weaving through an archipelago, the mixing of large freshwater rivers with marine waters has created an ocean rich with life…


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