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Raincoast blog is the place to keep informed about the work we’re doing in the field, on Achiever, in the lab, and with public.

B.C.’s Wolf Cull Is Unscientific, Unethical and Unwarranted


Published on 2015.05.15 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

Chris Genovali / Huffington Post
This unscientific, unethical, and unwarranted wolf cull is a consequence of industrial logging and other human activity…

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AVAAZ Petition launched to stop the Alberta wolf cull

wolf hunt

Published on 2015.01.28 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

The Alberta government and its resource industries have destroyed the habitat for endangered caribou. Rather than address this problem, they have chosen to scapegoat wolves…

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Five reasons to oppose BC’s wolf cull

3 running wolves-PCP

Published on 2015.01.21 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

Five reasons you need to write, phone or email your MLA and call on them to stop gunning down wolves by helicopter…

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Alberta slaughters more than 1,000 wolves and hundreds of other animals

Killing wolves for "sport"

Published on 2015.01.10 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

The killing of 1000 Alberta wolves in the name of caribou conservation and science doesn’t stop at wolves. Raincoast reveals the full story and urges public action.

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Roy Henry Vickers prints support ‘salvation fish project’

Published on 2014.11.05 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

Prints now available. All proceeds go to the ‘Salvation Fish initiative.’ Thanks to Picture Perfect Gallery and Hemp & Company for their support…

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Doing Science that Matters

Megan Adams

Published on 2014.10.17 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

Megan Adams
Raincoast PhD student writes for The Equation: a blog on independent science + practical solution, about her work and experience on the BC coast

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Raincoast art available for display and purchase

Painting by Alan Wylie of sea lions on a rocky haulout

Published on 2014.10.08 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

Many pieces from the Art for an Oil-Free Coast initiative are still available for purchase or viewing. Generous local galleries and sponsors are hosting the art…

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A “beary” epic field season – by Lia Chalifour

Young grizzly bear exercising his omnivory through herbivory

Published on 2014.08.31 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

I’m sitting in Calgary but my heart is back in the Great Bear Rainforest, where I spent two months working with Raincoast’s bear research project……

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Bear work in Heiltsuk Territory – Guest blog by Ayla Brown


Published on 2014.06.27 | by Raincoast | in Raincoast Blog

“So what are you doing anyways?” People have been asking me this a lot recently. Answer: Setting up hair snares in the Great Bear Rainforest…

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