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June 27th 2014

Bear work in Heiltsuk Territory – Guest blog by Ayla Brown

“So what are you doing anyways?” People have been asking me this a lot recently. Answer: Setting up hair snares in the Great Bear Rainforest…

May 28th 2014

Kick off to Bella Bella Bear Season

The 2014 field season of grizzly research in the Great Bear Rainforest is underway; being led by Raincoast and the Heiltsuk Nation…

April 18th 2014

Earth Day for an Oil-Free Coast

For Earth Day 2014 Raincoast has teamed up with the Sierra Club BC to bring you an evening of inspiration and entertainment headlined by renowned artist Robert Bateman…

May 21st 2013

Stellar start: launching the 2013 field season

Standing on a rocky outcrop, our field team spots a boat moving towards us on the horizon. As the boat approaches, we see our fellow bear researchers from Kitasoo Territory waving and grinning…

December 3rd 2012

Oil pipelines – a spiritual and artistic view

Times Colonist blog by Sherry Kirkvold
In the beginning, some say it was Raven who brought light to the world…

August 16th 2012

The Koeye Exchange

Raincoast crew made its annual migration to the Koeye River to support the Heiltsuk Youth camp on BC’s central coast…


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