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West Coast singer, song writer and painter Mae Moore.

Renowned Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers.

Eminent wildlife painter Robert Bateman.


About the artists supporting an oil-free coast

Over 60 artists…including some of Canada’s most celebrated and many who are First Nations – have used their language of art to portray our fragile coast.  The artists have donated all of these incredible original works to Raincoast’s efforts to keep our west coast tanker-free. Over $100,000 was raised in the two auctions that sold the art.  Remaining art is being sold at the retail value and can be viewed in the shop section of our website.


Art and conservation mix at Grouse Mountain festival

Brent Richter / North Shore News
It’s not really an art show. Not exactly a science lecture. And can’t really be pegged an activist meeting, either. But the AFC’s annual festival combines all three themes…

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Canmore welcomes oil-free coast exhibit

Canmore Leader, By Justin Parsons
An art exhibit that stirred up controversy in Calgary’s City Hall last week has been receiving a warm welcome in Canmore…

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Controversial exhibit stays at city hall

Global News Hour Calgary
A controversial art exhibit at city hall can stay right where it is, even though under normal circumstances it would be forced out. Global’s Reid Fiest reports…

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Brian Falconer, left, with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Ross Dixon, biologist for Raincoast, chat about Art for an Oil Free Coast with Peter Adams, who works in the oil and gas industry, in the City Hall atrium on Monday.Photograph by: Courtesy of Marilyn JonesRead more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/Anti+oilsands+show+sets+City+Hall/8246576/story.html#ixzz2QdslZScX

City pulls permit for anti-pipeline art show

Calgary Herald, By Sherri Zickefoose
An anti-oil pipeline art show is being sent packing from City Hall’s atrium after officials yanked the group’s permit over price tags and politics…

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Anti-pipeline art exhibit stirs controversy at Calgary City Hall

The Globe and Mail, By Dawn Walton and Nathan Vanderklippe
Serene images of sea lions, spirit bears and cormorants are hardly cause for controversy, but they have created quite a stir…

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Michael Svob paints on the beach during an expedition sponsored and organized by Raincoast Conservation Foundation to depict the biodiversity and integrated, ecological elements of the forest, intertidal, and ocean zones, and the people, flora and fauna that have lived there for thousands of years. Submitted photo    3 sec.    Bookmark and ShareChange text size for the storyPrintReport an errorCanmore’s Solara Resort will host an exhibition of work from more than 40 artists that took up paintbrushes and carving tools to portray Canada’s west coast.During a two-week period in June of 2012, a group of 50 renowned artists — including painter Robert Bateman and sculptor Craig Benson — travelled to the region on an expedition organized by Raincoast Conservation Foundation.The exhibition, which will be in Canmore April 19-22, is in reaction to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline by Enbridge and its international partners.“We want to raise awareness of this issue, particularly the Northern Gateway issue,” said Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s Brian Falconer. “Like two out of three British Columbians, the artists all feel that this is a really, really wrong project. It’s in a really wrong place. It’s just a place that doesn’t need or want oil tankers.”The goal of the artwork, noted Falconer, is to bring attention to the dramatic beauty and ecological diversity of B.C.’s north and central coasts that will be at risk if tankers are permitted to ship diluted bitumen through the channel.The original artworks were all donated to be part of a travelling awareness show, which begins an Alberta tour April 15 in Calgary at the Atrium of the Calgary Municipal Building.“We wanted to pick some places in Alberta where people have both a connection with nature but also an understanding of the resource issues,” said Falconer, who spent more than 20 years sailing and working along the proposed oil tanker route.“Calgary was the obvious first choice, but Canmore is a place where people really connect with nature … it’s a beautiful, beautiful part of the world.”The exhibition travelled through southern B.C. this past winter.More than 80 per cent of the artwork that will be on display, which includes a $50,000 signature bronze by Benson entitled Raincoast Bowl, has already been sold to collectors through an online fundraising auction during the B.C. tour that ran October through January.The opening event in the Theatre at Solara on April 19, beginning at 6 p.m., will feature a 22-minute documentary on the expedition entitled Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast.“It’s a really powerful film,” said Falconer. “We have a question and answer period after, and the conversations have been absolutely amazing.”russ.ullyot@sunmedia.caReader's comments »If you already have an account on this newspaper, you can login to the newspaper to add your comments.By adding a comment on the site, you accept our terms and conditions and our netiquette rules.Local BusinessesClick here to find out more! Click here to find out more!Advertise with usContributeSend Your Scoop!Share your story, photo or video about something you've seen.Send your storySocial ActivitySubscriptionStart your day with Canmore LeaderChoose among a variety of subscription packages and stay up to date with convenient home delivery and our on the go digital e-edition.View my optionsE-Editions    Local    RegionalVulcan Advocate

Art for an oil-free coast comes to Canmore

By Russ Ullyot, Canmore Leader
Canmore’s Solara Resort will host an exhibition of work from more than 40 artists that took up paintbrushes and carving tools to portray Canada’s west coast…

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What Lies Beneath by Chil Thom

Exhibit paints different picture of pipeline project

Colleen Schmidt, CTV Calgary
A group of artists is making their feelings about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline known through an art exhibit at Calgary City Hall…

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Anti-Northern Gateway art show opens Monday

CBC News
Robert Bateman and Carol Evans are two of the artists whose works will be exhibited as part of the Art for an Oil-Free Coast exhibit, which opens Monday in Calgary…

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Art for an Oil-Free Coast Exhibition heads to Alberta

Alberta venues include a preview at the ‘Spring is in the Air Art Festival’ in Cochrane, Canmore, and Calgary Municipal Hall and Public Library. Opening night is April 15 in Calgary…

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What Lies Beneath by Chil Thom

B.C. artists paint their vision for an oil-free coast

Whistler Question – Brandon Barrett
A group of prominent B.C. artists have teamed with the Raincoast to produce a series of works, an art book and two documentary films to raise awareness of a proposed oil pipeline…

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Robert Davidson

Robert Davidson

Haida artist Robert Davidson is one of Canada’s most respected and important contemporary artists.

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Mark Hobson

Trained as a biologist, Mark taught high school science before devoting his time to painting in watercolours, oils, and acrylics. His work has won awards in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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Roy Henry Vickers

Roy Henry Vickers

Canadian artist Roy Henry Vickers is a world-renowned printmaker, painter, carver, author, and designer whose artwork is held in museums and private collections across Canada.

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Mae Moore2

Mae Moore

Known mostly for her music, Mae Moore writes songs that evoke connection to place and to the personal.

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Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman

Besides being one of Canada’s best-known artists, Bateman is a spokesperson for many environmental issues.

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Mike Svob_portrait

Mike Svob

Mike’ Svob’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections throughout the world and featured in International Artists Magazine, Magazin’Art, Artist Magazine, and American Artist among others.

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Carol Evans

Carol is a self-taught artist, developing skills with watercolours over a period of thirty years. Her work has achieved international acclaim and is represented in exhibitions and private collections worldwide.

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Linda Feltner

Linda M. Feltner

Linda Feltner specialized in the precision of natural history drawings and scientific illustration which has given her art its trademark appearance.

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Christian Morrisseau

Christian Morrisseau paints paints his animal images, landscape, his father and children, his tradition and legends in the Woodland style of his father…

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Ben Fox

Ben Fox

Ben is a multi-disciplinary artist, who creates in paint, film, and photography. His paintings reflect his deep love for the forests, rivers, and coastlines of BC.

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Cheryl Samuel_portrait

Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl has turned her past expertise in teaching and weaving to wood-turned sculptures. ‘Everyone Waits for the Salmon’ is a heart-wrenching cry to stop the inevitable destruction that a pipeline would bring.

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Dorset NorwichYoung_portrait

Dorset Norwich-Young

Dorset’s passion for the beauty and wildness of the BC coast shows in her painting. She is strongly committed to making the oil-free coast campaign a successful one.

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Murray Phillips_portrait

Murray Phillips

Murray has a strong desire to express the spiritual in his paintings. He transports his studio by canoe, sailboat, or tent trailer where he can spend several months camping and painting.

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Colin Elder_portrait

Collin Elder

Hoping to evoke a vivid sense of direct experience, Collin paints stories of our reciprocity with the fluid and ever-changing natural landscape

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David McEown_portrait

David McEown

Canadian artist David McEown has used the medium of watercolour for the past twenty-five years to explore and express many of the Earth’s disappearing wilderness areas

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Alison Watt

Alison Watt is a visual artist and writer whose painting and writing are both informed by the natural world. She teaches painting in her studio on Protection Island (BC) and abroad (France).

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Peggy Sowden_portrait

Peggy Sowden

Multifaceted Peggy Sowden attended fine art school, worked as a naturalist and a veterinarian, and painted the BC coast for many years; art and nature are interwoven in a lifelong passion.

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Daniela Petosa

Daniela Petosa

Daniela Petosa’s fascination with clay began in Mexico where she first learned traditional wheel techniques at Instituto Allende Art College.

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Elise Quarmby

Elise Quarmby

Elise has a style that marries timeless, fluid design with progressive ideas. She continues to explore different techniques in painting and jewelry design.

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ellenton headshot

Susan Ellenton

Susan brings her love of nature, interest in technical innovation, and exploration of deep knowing into her work which is achieving international attention.

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Linda Heslop_portrait

Linda Heslop

The most published caver artist worldwide in the 1990s Linda has since turned her full attention to fine art following her love of West Coast images.

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Sheila Karrow

Sheila’s paintings communicate both a literal and metaphorical understanding of the natural world. Her carefully rendered images reveal the intensity and interconnectedness of life.

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Diane Bersea_portrait

Dianne Bersea

CFA artist Dianne Besea’s background in graphic design, fine art, natural history illustration, and exhibit design put experience and knowledge behind her strong colours and stylized imagery.

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Gaye Adams_portrait

Gaye Adams

During the three decades of Gaye’s art career, her focus has been painting what delights her most: the effects of atmosphere and light.

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Linda Frimer_portrait

Linda Dayan Frimer

With a history of dedicating her work to charity, LInda Frimmer’s vibrant watercolour, acrylic, and oil, murals hang in synagogues, hospitals and galleries.

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Bill Helin_portrait

Bill Helin

Out of this world: Native artist Bill Helin has clients from around the globe and his jewellery has travelled into space.

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Jeffrey Gordon Whiting

Award-winning sculptor, author, impresario, and environmental advocate, Jeff is president and founder of Artists for Conservation.

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Julia Hargreaves_portrait

Julia Hargreaves

Julia Hargreaves is an internationally published wildlife artist whose work is represented in BC, Alberta and US galleries

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Ben Davidson

Ben is a Haida artist who draws upon his knowledge of traditional Haida design to create innovative and unique pieces that are sought after around the world.

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Harold Allanson_portrait

Harold Allanson

Harold’s paintings are bold, realistic works often expressed in strong colours, revealing water reflections late in the day, early morning sunlight, or deep shadows.

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Michael O'Toole_portrait

Michael O’Toole

Michael’s subjects include landscapes, portraits, marine, architecture, and wildlife. His work is represented in private and corporate collections and several galleries across Canada.

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David Goatley_portrait

David Goatley

David’s portraits have included a prime minister, speaker, and premier; three lieutenant governors; leaders in academia, business, law, medicine, and the arts; as well as many individuals and families.

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Ian Reid_portrait

Ian Reid

Heiltsuk artist Ian Reid draws inspiration from his culture and elders. In addition to being featured in galleries and exhibits, his carvings will adorn the big house in Bella Bella.

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Megan Darcy Dill_portrait

Megan Dulcie Dill

An emerging BC artist whose paintings are in collections across North America, Megan’s work comes alive through texture, colour, and shifting lines.

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Ester Sample_portrait

Esther Sample

A past commercial fisherman, Ester’s passion for the sea was replaced with painting. In 2011 she won the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s Salmon Stamp award with the painting Hunger Strikes.

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D.F. Gray_portrait

D.F. Gray

D.F Gray, designated “Premier Pastellist of Canada” by the Pastel Society of Canada, is dedicated plein air artist.

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Terry Isaac_portrait

Terry Isaac

Internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Terry Isaac finds inspiration in large dramatic panoramas as well as close-up views of animal behaviour.

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Ray Ward_portrait

Ray Ward

Ray’s dramatic west coast paintings can be found in private collections in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Lissa Calvert_portrait

Lissa Calvert

Lissa Calvert’s images grace thousands of Canadian and US homes in the form of original paintings, posters, art cards, and limited edition prints.

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chiliThom on ML

Chili Thom

Chili Thom’s bold and unique style won him Best in Show at the 2012 Federation of Canadian Artists Landscapes exhibit.

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Brent Cooke_portrait

Brent Cooke

Brent’s use of negative space and ability to capture the movement and interaction of his subjects has been widely complimented.

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Carl Chaplin_portrait

Carl Chaplin

Having toured the globe many years ago, Carl is now a non-flying, non-driving, stay-at-home-and-paint-all-day kind of guy. Millions of reproductions of his works have been distributed worldwide.

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Janice Robertson

Janice’s paintings are in commercial galleries and collections throughout the world. She is also a popular and well-respected workshop instructor.

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W.Allan Hancock_portrait

W. Allan Hancock

Allan’s work has twice appeared on the Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp, and two books exclusively feature his paintings.

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Kindrie Grove_portrait

Kindrie Grove

Kindrie’s work is featured in galleries across Canada, in international private and corporate collections and at the Toronto Congress Centre’s “Kindrie Grove Wing.

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April White_portrait

April White

April worked as a field geologist before directing her talents toward art that honours her heritage, the natural and the mythological world.

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Todd Stephens_portrait

Todd Stephens

Gitlaxdax artist Todd Stephens graduated from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art’s Fine Arts Diploma program in 2009 and won the YVR Art Foundation Scholarship Award in 2008 and 2010.

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Kevin Johnson_portrait

Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a self-taught pencil artist who strives to create photorealistic detail by relying on texture and tonal values of the subject.

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Carol Young Bagshaw

Carol Young Bagshaw

Carol is a descendent of the Eagles of Haida Gwaii. Using alder and cedar, she carves wish passion for the animal life that are part of her and her larger family.

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Shawn Aster_portrait

Shawn Aster

Fueled by his Gitkxaala (Kitkatla) culture, environment and mothers interest in art, shawn followed his passion for art.

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Roberta Sutherland_portrait

Roberta Sutherland

Roberta was born and raised on BC’s West Coast never far from a shoreline. She was the Geneva Editart “Cercle des Amis” artist in 2012.

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Stewart Marshall_portrait

Stewart Marshall

Stewart grew up in Montreal, where he also received his art education. Intrigued by First Nations art, he travelled to the West Coast, built a kayak, and transported himself and his art supplies north.

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Paul Jorgensen_portrait

Paul Jorgensen

Paul Jorgensen graduated from the (now) Emily Carr University of Art + Design. His trip to the Great Bear Rainforest deeply concerned him with questions of sustainability in such a delicate and pristine ecosystem.

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Dominik Modlinski_portrait

Dominik J. Modlinski

Dominik was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1970 and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the Ontario College of Art in 1993. His extreme painting expeditions have taken him around the globe.

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Craig Benson

Craig Benson

A self-taught master carver of stone and wood, and creator of original bronzes, Craig’s works are carved from a single piece of material. They represent coastal and marine life in fine, exquisite detail.

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Leanne Hodges with painting

Leanne Hodges

For more than twenty years, Leanne has pursued an art practice while developing a remote charter boat company and raising her son.

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Cathy Stewart

Cathy Stewart

Inspired by Mother Nature and her work in the Canadian Arctic and around the world, Cathy Stewart’s work is displayed in galleries in Tofino and Ucluelet.

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Lara W. square copy small

Laura Wasylyshen

Laura’s painting was recently chosen by Robert Bateman as the winner of a Greenpeace Canada supported art contest.

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Perry Rath_June2012

Perry Rath

In his 20 years of artistic pursuits, Perry Rath has undertaken installations, objects/artifacts, paintings, printmaking, collaborations, and educational efforts such as Art and Advocacy and 4000 Reasons.

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Alan Wylie

Alan graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1960 and immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1967, where he became a full-time artist, teacher, and art gallery owner.

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Initial skirmishes in the battle to save the coast

The magic canoe is getting bigger as artists, journalists and others join the battle against oil tankers in coastal waters.

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Art for an oil-free coast: Overview


Fifty artists have taken up paintbrushes and carving tools to protect Canada’s fragile raincoast. See the art, get the book, watch the film, stop Northern Gateway.



REFLECTIONS chronicles the journey of artists to the heart of the tanker route. Watch it now on YouTube.

About the artists

mark painting

Artists involved with the project include Robert Bateman, Robert Davidson, Mae Moore, Carol Evans, Roy Henry Vickers, Craig Benson, Michael Svob, Alison Watt, Ben Davidson, Mark Hobson and more.

About the book

Book cover_Sept-900x300-small

The book highlights the art work, most of which are originals, of 50 incredible Canadian artists and writings from esteemed Canadian scientists like David Suzuki and Wade Davis. A free eBook for ipad is now available from itunes.

Art Exhibition Dates and Locations


Raincoast’s has toured the Art for an oil-free coast exhibition in BC and Alberta to incredible and sometimes controversial receptions. The exhibitions and auctions are now complete.

News and Updates

Get the news and updates from our Oil Free Coast Campaign

News and Updates: Art for an Oil-Free Coast Get the latest new from the art tour in Alberta, the film, the book, and the artists who are championing our oil-free coast.

The Art Auction


The auctions are now complete and most pieces have sold. Over $125,000 (to date) has been raised by the artists. Several outstanding pieces remain for sale which we will feature on our website soon.

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