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Raincoast Conservation Foundation

We use rigorous, peer-reviewed science and grassroots activism to further our conservation objectives. We call this approach ‘informed advocacy’ and it is unique amongst conservation efforts. We investigate to understand coastal species and processes. We inform by bringing science to decision makers and communities. We inspire action to protect wildlife and their wilderness habitats.

Oil-Free Coast

view of the calm ocean and sunrise at Hakai rocks

Raincoast’s Oil-Free Coast initiative addresses the impacts and risks associated with pipelines and tankers to the coasts of coastal British Columbia. Protecting the animals, lands and waters from both habitat destruction and degradation, and the very real consequences of a catastrophic oil spill are the basis for this program.

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Flagship Projects

Wolves splash around in an intertidal zone of the Great Bear Rainforest

At Raincoast, our vision is to conserve and protect the habitats and resources of umbrella species to ensure the future for all species that exist on different scales. Our flagship projects include primary research and conservation efforts on wild salmon, grizzly bears, wolves, marine mammals, marine birds, and herring.

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Salish Sea Spill Map Project

A drift card and a humpback whale fluke

In response to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain project and their inadequate oil spill modelling, Raincoast has launched an innovative study to determine the potential fate of oil spilled in the Salish Sea. Our real time, on-the-ground study has not only provided interesting results, but also educated the public to the very real possibility of oil washing up on their coastline.

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