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A grizzly bear mother stands looking into the forest with her two cubs nearby
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Study Confirms Grizzlies Living on Unprotected Coastal Islands

Grizz mom & cub-AW

Cara McKenna / The Tyee
Published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal by Spirit Bear Research Foundation, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and the University of Victoria, the research reveals…

Media Release: grizzly bears have colonized unprotected islands in the Great Bear Rainforest


Today, a collaboration of wildlife scientists from Raincoast and UVic published a study in the international peer-reviewed journal, PLOS ONE…

It makes more economic sense to shoot grizzlies with cameras than guns

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Chris Genovali / Huffington Post
Contrary to Minister Yamamoto’s assertions, there is no ecological, ethical, or economic justification for continuing to trophy kill B.C.’s grizzly bears…

Grizzly bears more useful alive than dead

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Chris Genovali / Times Colonist
One can only conclude the minister of tourism was poorly briefed with regard to the grizzly hunt after reading about her recent speech on Saltspring…

Yamamoto’s grizzly comments baffling

Grizz mom & cub-AW

Chris Genovali / Gulf Islands Driftwood
Our analysis showed that in the long term, it makes more economic sense to shoot grizzly bears with cameras than to shoot them with guns…

Roadside bear kills raise monitoring concerns

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Cara McKenna / Nanaimo Daily News
Two mutilated black bears found on a roadside last month have prompted Raincoast to compare Vancouver Island’s remote hunting areas to the wild west…


Salmon & bears in Heiltsuk Territory

Salmon, bears and people=

2013 Project Update: Understanding interactions between bears, salmon and people

Download this report

Northern Gateway not worth the risk

Northern Gateway not worth risk=

Dec 2013: Northern Gateway not worth risk to wild salmon says new report by Raincoast

Download this report

Grizzly hunt exceeds sustainable limit

Too many grizzlies killed in hunt

Dec 2013: Raincoast scientists say BC government killing too many grizzlies

Read about this study

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